What to Expect From an Album Art Downloader Application

A few months back, I set out to find the ultimate album art downloader and soon discovered that us music lovers really had nothing to choose from to get rid of those silly gray music notes in our music library. Well, after a few more days of digging, I believe that I have found the absolute finest solution for anyone looking to replace their missing cover art in their digital library.The most irritating thing to me as an iTunes subscriber (or even for those with a non-iTunes device) was not being able to view the album covers when a song was playing. I figured I paid for the song so I should get the artwork that goes with it! Well regardless of the reason behind it, I ALWAYS had songs that just had those annoying gray music notes. Well I know have a remedy for that – in addition to some other cool features that I was not looking for.Here is what I found when I identified a couple of digital music applications to fix my album art. Not only was my art fixed, but I also was able to -
Find and eliminate my duplicate song files
Find and fill-in my missing missing information such as the artist or genre
and of course replace all of my bad album coversI think what I got most excited about was that I found all of this on accident. The only thing that I wanted was an album art downloader and I feel like I found the holy grail of digital music organization! I am not kidding either. My entire music collection is now clean, organized and well, just better than ever!If you have found yourself dealing with the same bogus problems that I did with my music library, just rest easy that you are not alone and there is really a simple and easy fix for it!

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